call to arms

hey team,

today, i decided it is beyond time for me to use my power vis-à-vis the delusions of grandeur supplied by the proprietary blend of power that facebook™ affords account holders.

today, i will begin invoking the strength of the ‘white man™ hellbent on outperforming any potential accusations that he is anything other than grade a, full-fledged all-American hyper-masculine energy’ and equip myself (metaphorically) with the energy that exists only when one is driving a 2k19 Gen. 2 Ford F-150 Raptor upgraded w/ all the accouterments short of an *actual* Hennessey VelociRaptor V8. that is: 1) embellished with the appropriate number of appliqué steer horns,2) one vinyl decal outline of the Gadsden flag, 3) truck nutz bedazzled with rhinestones & *real* emeralds.

today, i am accepting any/all possible adverse outcomes including, but not limited to: risking hurting the feelings and/or loss of my relationship entirely with those on my friend's list that agree with and/or find themselves a part of [either knowingly, by sheer ignorance] this enemy. enough is enough.

today, i am declaring my official plan to put together a new force for good. if you, or anyone you know, is ready to unite for the total takedown of the most sadistic group known to humanity—or, as they’re informally titled, the ‘Slower Traffic Against Staying Right’ [STASC].

i’m no longer a victim, and i will no longer ride behind the fascists hellbent on their insatiable need to disrupt expected traffic flows. while many ignore the more benign levels of this, writing it off as blissful ignorance or protecting some ~*precious*~ group of people, we need to remember that at the highest level, these zealots personally erase any feelings of hope to those suffering from the horrific reality that comes from ‘lack of time to get to destination’ syndrome—[even though i shouldn’t even have to cite such a terrible affliction to get my point across! technically speaking, it is no one's business, but the drivers own why they’re participating in faster traffic that particular day!!!].